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Chauffeured Classic Cars in Adelaide

It’s one thing to ride in a nice car. It’s another to ride in a luxury car, driven by a chauffeur. But going around town, seated comfortably inside a classic car, experiencing the special treatment from a chauffeur? Now, that’s on a whole different level! Classic cars are in a league of their own, and anyone would be thrilled to spend even just one ride in a classic car. 


Ever wanted to tour around Adelaide in American classic cars like the Ford Mustang? Or do you prefer English classic cars, like the Jaguar? At American British chauffeurs, you’ll find the best classic cars for hire in Adelaide. You can enjoy the classic ride of your life with our services. Our stunning fleet, manned by only the most experienced of chauffeurs, will surely suit your impeccable taste.


Why Choose American British Chauffeurs?

Choose to ride in classic cars simply because you deserve it. There is nothing in the world more exciting than that! You get to travel in style, snap up awesome photos, maybe even pop open a bottle of champagne. Most of all, you get to share this moment with people you truly care about. It’s a montage pulled straight out of an old movie, to be experienced in real life. 


The main reason you should choose us is this: We believe that no matter how awesome a classic car is, it is only as good as the people helping you make the most out of your classic car ride. From the chauffeurs down to the staff at American British Chauffeurs, customer service is our priority. We are focused on you, our clients – we want you to be able to say you had an awesome time. We are a team of professionals, and you can trust us to help you make the loveliest memories.


How We Can Serve You 


Over the years, we have contributed to making our clients’ special moments even more special with our classic cars for hire in Adelaide. They also come with the friendliest chauffeurs: fully accredited and smartly dressed for the job. We serve the greater metropolitan area. 

You may also check our chauffeured car services FAQs.


At your wedding 


About to get wed and looking for classic cars with chauffeurs for hire? You’ll find the British or American classic cars for your Adelaide wedding at American British Chauffeurs.  


We can fit a ribbon over the car and even lay down a red carpet if you prefer that. We will have champagne ready, as well as soft drinks and water for the bridal party. You may even include our car at your wedding photoshoots!  


For those planning weddings, you would be happy to know that we specialise in country weddings.  


At winery tours 


Are you a wine connoisseur looking for a new adventure? Or just want to go on a lovely winery tour to relax and unwind? Our classic cars for hire in Adelaide winery tours make for that truly classy experience. We pick you up, arrange lunch, drive you to Barossa, Mc Laren Vale, the Clare Valley, or the Adelaide Hills, to name a few examples.


At your special events 


Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, formal, school formal, it’s always best to arrive in a stylish classic car. If you would be all dressed up for the event, why not ride to the venue in one of our chauffeured classic cars, just to add some more glamour? 


Our fleet

No need to look elsewhere for classic cars. You can find a fleet of British and American classic cars in Adelaide at American British Chauffeurs.  



Even though this model first came out in 1968, the Jaguar XJ 6’s design is elegant and timeless. This British car is simple yet chic, and definitely very romantic. As soon as you find yourself in the back of a Jaguar saloon, you are instantly transported to the opulent 1960s. The Jaguar cars we have available are the Jaguar XJ 6 and the Heritage Green Jaguar. The Jaguars can fit four adults, not including the chauffeur. 


Ford Mustang 

As soon as the Mustang convertible was released in America in 1964, the world was never the same. Driving around with the top down, wind in your hair, sun on your face, laughter as good as that of a baby’s -- this has become the stuff of movies, photographs, music videos, you name it. You too can have that same experience. Choose between our white and bright red Ford Mustang cars. The Mustang can fit three adults, not including the chauffeur. 


All of our cars are airconditioned. If you want to see them for yourself, feel free to visit us.


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